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The Chords are given with Hindi lyrics, and are specially given for Guitar beginners and Advanced Pro level guitar performers.This Tab is provided FREE for you as a Tutorial purpose to ease all the Guitar Beginners. Chord structures and fretboard notations used in this song are also provided, so that you guys should get the proper understanding of it.The Tabulatures of the "Bollywood Guitar based Hindi songs and Marathi Songs" in this website are provided by us, are with a clean view of "Tutorial Purpose" for Guitar Learners only. To get proper understanding of guitar fretboard notes and its structure visit our Guitar Information Page.

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How to Read This Tab

Our submitted tabs are to be read as per the instructions given on “Tab Image”. Song Lyric given in “Tab image” is presented with some underlines, which indicates the rhythm locations (_) to ease you to get a knowhow of “beat points”, where you can “tap” your foot steps on floor to play this song in a particular rhythm,  so you can play the chords of your favorite song given in this tabulature. Chord Diagrams are displayed in our tabs images.

Some information of pull ONs, Sliding IN, Pull OFFs, Vibratos, String  bendings is given to play this song on guitar to add a flavor and  melody to play just like original melody of given song in our tabulature.

Sometimes we have changed the original scale of a song by transposing it to a lower scale, which will help you to sing a song along with by referring to our illustrated tabulature. Song Note Locations used in this song are displayed on fretboard beside our tab to ease you to detect a particular song note, while you learn this tab. While learning this tab, singing is highly recommended as we have given a proper transposition to the original scale, to ease the guitar learners to learn singing also. 

Our presented tabs are sometimes based on various guitar styles such as Rock, Western Classical, Funk, Jazz, Flamanco, etc. These styles are greatly followed by the guitarists in United States, United Kingdom and other Continents. So, we recommend you to follow these styles on YouTube.